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Welcome to See Cheam, the tourist website designed to help you get the most from your visit to this characterful area. In Cheam Village, the historical centre, you'll find a tempting array of restaurants and pubs. Or why not browse in the boutiques, before taking a stroll in Henry VIII's leafy Nonsuch Park and gardens. So, come with us, and see what this fascinating destination has to offer...

And the times they are a changing

The black and white photo of the high street above was probably taken shortly after 1935 - the colour one in 2008.

Walter G. Leppard grocer Cheam

Can anyone help here? This photo was sent in by a reader. It's her relative 'Walter G. Leppard' who ran a grocer's in Cheam. Can anyone identify the property? If so contact us and tell us more.

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Walking classes in Cheam

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If you would like to keep fit whilst exploring the the historic and beautiful Nonsuch Park then read about Walkfit.

So... you're planning a trip to Cheam? Good move. Here, briefly, are the facts (and no yawning at the back). Cheam is a large suburban village, in the London Borough of Sutton, and also in Surrey. It is divided into three main areas: North Cheam, South Cheam and Cheam Village. North Cheam = residential, shopping and supermarkets. South Cheam = residential (for those who can afford the property prices). Cheam Village = small specialist shops, pubs and restaurants. Got it?

Cheam Park path along Ewell Road towards Nonsuch Park

Now relax: take a stroll in Cheam Park

But here's the real story it's a vibrant, engaging town, with royal connections, and a scandalous past. It's got everything from sausage shops to haunted houses... and historic buildings dating back to the Tudor times.

The Harrow The Prince of Wales Ye Olde Red Lion

Here for the beer?: Cheam has a variety of traditional pubs to explore

You might enjoy your trip so much that you decide to stay... it happens. Cheam has a lot going for it as a residential area there are handy transport links to London, good shops and restaurants, and excellent schools. Cheam was the original home of Cheam School which was formed in Whitehall in 1645, later occupied Tabor Court, and then moved to Berkshire in 1934. Prince Philip attended the school (when it was actually based in Cheam). By the time Prince Charles donned the traditional shorts and cap, the school had moved to Berkshire.

Nonsuch Mansion

Nonsuch Mansion: dating from 1743, this stands on the eastern side of Nonsuch Park. It used to be a private house, now it's a spectacular wedding venue

Now, there are a number of highly regarded schools in Cheam, most notably Nonsuch High School, a grammar school for girls, and Cheam High School, a mixed comprehensive. There are also several primary schools in the area, including Cuddington Croft, Cheam Fields Primary and St Dunstan's Primary.

There's plenty of information on this website to help you plan your visit. So are you ready to start discovering the secrets of this most unusual suburb..?

Cheam Village sign St. Dunstan's church and spire Whitehall

Quaint: The Village

Cheam information:
Cheam Village
History of Cheam
Henry VIII & Nonsuch
Churches & chapels:
St. Dunstan's
Lumley Chapel
St. Alban's
Parks & Gardens:
Cheam Park
Nonsuch Park
Seears Park
Pubs & Clubs:
Cheam Social Club
The Harrow
The Prince of Wales
Ye Olde Red Lion
The Railway
Historic buildings:
5,7 & 9 Malden Road
Bay Cottage
Broadway Cottages
Cheam Cottage
Church Farm House
Nonsuch Cottage
Old Cottage
Park Lane
The Old Farmhouse
The Old Post House
The Old Rectory
Old Cottage, Cheam, Winter 2008

Old Cottage
Can you guess why this landmark cottage was dismantled and then reassembled just down the road? Find out more about the Old Cottage

Cheam Social Club
Thanks go to the Club committee for helping out in producing this website, which is a non-profit project developed by local people to promote our lovely area of Cheam in Surrey.
Cheam Social Club would like to welcome you to the Club. You can enjoy activities from bingo to bowls, and kids' stuff to keep fit. For information on joining, please visit the website now: Cheam Social Club
Lychgate to St. Dunstan's church

This is the lychgate to St Dunstan's Church. Very pretty, and all that. But what were lychgates originally designed for? Find out now

Lumley Chapel

Lumley Chapel
This is the oldest building in Cheam... but how old is Lumley Chapel?

The War Memorial

The War Memorial
The library is in the background, a 1960s icon or eyesore... you decide